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    • Owner/ Director of Fitnesshub

      I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 8 years, securing my Diploma in Personal Training after receiving a Business & Marketing degree at Brighton University. Since operating as a personal trainer and successful business owner for over 5 years now my inspiration and motivation for people has only increased. I love working with individuals and its this aspect of my job I love the most.

      It was my passion to deliver unique and bespoke training sessions to clients in order to achieve their goals. I have been able to work from my first studio 'the hub' based in preston park building my brand and enjoying my ability to grow my client base. This was so successful I expanded into another bigger facility which is the base of the current extension into the new Fitnesshub Brighton Gym.

      My business is built around my passion for my clients and this has led me to be able to fulfil my dream of owning and running a fully operational gym offering a training facility that incorporates my ethos of a professional arena with unique training equipment but mixed perfectly with a fun and family oriented fitness atmosphere.


      "An AMAZING PT with far too much energy, but equal patience! Adam has shaped my body, made me fitter, stronger and helped me reach my goals. Some days I hate him, from press-ups to pull-ups, squats and lifts, pushing tyres and his Landrover! Adam has truly worked me hard but I always look forward to my next challenge... to build on my boxing and to punch his lights out!! - only joking. Most days I love him.... Thank you Adam".
      Jenny Dawson

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    • Owner/ Director of Fitnesshub

      I have always been interested in sport, particularly sports journalism, sponsorship and coaching. This led me to undertake a sports coaching and personal training diploma, and start a gym apprenticeship. It was during these times I found my love for the health and fitness industry. The atmosphere of the gym, the determination of the members and encouragement from the personal trainers really rubbed off on me. From here I realised I had to find my place in the fitness world.

      Since 2007 I have worked in many gyms around Brighton and Hove teaching classes, running bootcamps, being the 'go to' coach for referrals from GP's and a vast array of other roles within the industry.

      It was in 2012 that my personal training really took off, and I founded ABtraining.

      I love the challenge each client brings. Do they want to burn that stubborn body fat? Do they want to achieve a 1RM squat personal best? Or sometimes the most rewarding, even learning how to walk again.

      ABtraining has been growing year after year, and with this has brought many successful stories. I am very excited to be opening Fitnesshubs brand new gym and personal training facility here in Brighton. Look forward to seeing you down here.


      "I had been a member of various commercial gyms over the years and would go along and do my little training routine fairly regularly but frankly without much enthusiasm and, inevitably, my fitness reached a plateau and would never be going anywhere further unless I shifted up a gear.

      I discovered Alex at Fitnesshub 3 years ago. I was just doing a half hour PT session and usually one mixed group session per week. I only wanted to gain a little more muscle tone and maybe shed a couple of kilos, and Alex devised a regime to suit me with these goals. The sessions were varied, focused and very effective - but also fun. No two sessions were ever the same, and that raised my enthusiasm straight away, meaning those goals no longer seemed so unachievable. Dietary advice was also freely given, and I was inspired to make a few changes there too.

      After a couple of years, I was feeling really satisfied with progress and felt I wanted to do more, so I now have longer PT sessions and also attend the Tuesday/Thursday evening men's 'Spartan' group classes every week - where I find it perfectly possible (though not always easy) to do a 60 minute hard session with guys mostly twice my size and half my age! Everyone is welcoming and the atmosphere is spot-on - serious but still good fun.

      So, goals have been met. I am as fit as I've ever been, my weight is exactly where I want it, and I reckon my body is in the best shape since I was in my 20's (maybe I should mention I will be 60 next March!)".
      Charles Melton

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    • Personal Trainer

      I first qualified as a Personal Trainer and worked for a big Brighton gym where I spent a number of years training clients focused on improving their workouts in the gym. Having since branched out to operate as a freelance trainer at Fitnesshub my range of clients has expanded and I'm able to offer training to people of all ages and abilities. My specific skills lie in improving strength, flexibility, cardio fitness, muscular hypertrophy and functional movement patterns.


      "I first joined because I wanted to become more athletically able for my basketball team. I'm younger than most who look for personal trainers and Joe has made the trainings as fun as possible while also challenging enough. I would recommend him for any ages as he adapts very well and gets to know you very soon. He knows when to push you to the limit and when to stop, which is admirable. Supportive, Positive, Encouraging, he provides great answers for topics ranging from nutrition, weight loss, muscle build up etc. Had a great time training with Joe. I'm sure I'll achieve my goals with Joe's help!"
      Andreea Alexa

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    • Personal Trainer

      I believe that movement confidence is important to a good quality of life, from everyday activities to the achievement of ambitious sporting goals. All-round strength, fitness and mobility is key to obtain this. As a dedicated runner, I have self-coached my way from a de-conditioned 30-something year old to twice qualifying for the London Marathon, started weight training in the gym and then when not out running or walking the Scottish hills I rock climb. Since becoming a personal trainer it has been my pleasure to see clients returning to pain-free movement and achieving challenging goals from my personal training, as I know from personal experience how frustrating injuries can be and so injury rehabilitation and running technique coaching are a special focus for me.


      "A lot of the credit for my achievement should go to Will. I found him very experienced, knowledgeable, patient but most of all his encouragement and professionalism helped me perform well on the day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Will as a Personal Trainer to anyone who wants to perform well in a Marathon".
      Simon Miles
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    • Personal Trainer/Sports Massage Therapist

      I am primarily based at Fitnesshub Brighton and I love keeping fit and healthy using a multitude of disciplines. This newly expanded gym gives me the ability to incorporate my combined skills to train clients on the gym floor and offer a variety of treatments in a private room.

      My specialty areas include body conditioning, functional training, strength training, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, trigger point therapy, soft tissue manipulation.

      I enjoy working closely with my clients and other trainers to develop a treatment plan that best suits the individual needs of the client with the primary focus on sharing health & wellbeing knowledge.

      Using a variety of methods and techniques from soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy to demonstrating specific exercises on the gym floor, I can incorporate my specific interests in sports therapy and injury rehabilitation.

      I also supply post race care at both the Brighton and London Marathons respectively. Something that I really enjoy.


      "I started training with Tommy when my consultant told me to build up my leg muscles prior to a knee replacement operation. I can't believe how much my strength, stamina and overall fitness has improved in just a couple of months. He makes every session different and interesting which keeps me motivated and his expert eye ensures I do every exercise precisely right. I'm definitely going to do more training with him after my op".
      Ginny Troussard
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    • Personal Trainer/Sports Massage Therapist

      My work in sports and training has been interesting and varied. After a career as a County and National Badminton player, I studied psychology and sports therapy, worked in many health clubs and gyms and treated a group of elite athletes preparing for and competing in the 2012 Olympic Games. 

      Over the last 7 years I have built a unique practice specialising in postural rebalancing, injury rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement using my knowledge of anatomy, strength and flexibility.  

      As your one to one personal trainer, I bring that depth and breadth of experience of how to train smart, how to recuperate from injury and how to motivate you to succeed in our work together.

      I will assess your strengths and weaknesses and offer a tailored programme of exercise and instruction towards helping you achieve your fitness goals. I will offer guidance, feedback and education to give you re-assurance that you are performing exercise with the correct technique and without risk of injury. Most importantly, I will encourage and motivate you to challenge yourself keeping you progressing in every session so you come back for more!


      "I work as a professional drummer. I had been getting pain in my right knee and my hips were ridiculously stiff. I could tell something wasn’t right and it was really affecting my drumming and career. 

      I contacted and attended numerous ‘so called’ physio and posture experts costing me a fortune but none of them were able to stop the pain or even explain why I was getting the pain.

      I eventually stumbled across Karen’s  clinic. In my very first assessment/posture session she was able to explain why I was getting pain, what had caused it and how to start correcting it. My rehabilitation involved sports therapy and a stretching/strengthening programme. Luckily for me Karen was able to offer me the full package; she was my Sports Therapist and my Personal Trainer. 

      Karen has designed for me my very own custom workout which is catered to my rehabilitation needs. Our training sessions are intense but friendly and her knowledge of various exercises and muscle groups is second to none. 

      Karen is an exceptional Sports Therapist, and a first-rate Personal Trainer. 

      It is thanks to her that I am finally heading towards a full recovery.”
      George Collins
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    • Sports Therapist (BSc Hons)

      I graduated in 2014 from the University of Chichester with a Bachelor of Science in ‘Sports Therapy’ and now work as a Sports Therapist for my own company Beatitude Sports Injuries & Wellbeing. My Sports Therapy knowledge, enables me to help treat a wide variety of problems including:

      • Examination and assessment of sports and occupational injuries.
      • The rehabilitation of the patient/athlete back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness.
      • Planning and implementing appropriate treatment regimes for the injured athlete.
      • Soft tissue manipulation and sports massage pre and post-activity.
      • Electrotherapy including modalities such as ultrasound, interferential.
      • Muscle Activation.

      I believe in not only treating the injury but also looking to eradicate the cause and preventing future injuries. I'm continually updating my skills & qualifications to ensure that I can offer the latest treatments to my patients as well as having an extensive holistic background. I'm also fluent in English and Portuguese and able to converse in Spanish and Italian.

      Contact Adam or Alex for more information on all of the treatments that I offer.


      "Recently I have been suffering with pain in my Achilles heals after playing football or running. I had ignored the discomfort for weeks thinking it would resolve itself and was just a pulled muscle. Unfortunately it has been getting worse so I arranged to see Debora about it. After I explained my symptoms she performed a brief assessment on my heels and legs. She was able to explain the issues with my tendons and explained to me clearly what she was going to do to resolve it. After a short amount of discomfort whilst debs worked on the effected areas I could start to feel a huge difference in my Achilles and calfs. Debs has also given me a recovery plan to help me at home which seems to have also helped a lot. I would definately recommend Debora to anyone who is having pain or discomfort like I was. She's an extremely knowledgeable and approachable person, which made the experience much more beneficial and enjoyable to me. Thanks again Debora!"
      Tom Taylor.

      "Had lower back problems for years, within 2 treatments I get no more lower back pain and am much stronger on compound movements in the gym!"
      Will Fell, Professional Body Builder.
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